Spring Nutrition Plan

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Foods to make you feel fresh, light and healthy in Spring.

As we head into spring it’s time to make the switch from porridge to bircher muesli, from soups to smoothies and from hearty roasts to spring salads. We bid farewell to the hearty nourishing winter foods and welcome light, fresh and colourful foods that will leave you feeling happy, healthy and full of energy.

It’s time to think variety and loads of colour! Veggies in season include many of our greens such as broccoli, Asian greens, spinach, silverbeet and peas, but also cauliflower, capsicum and carrots. In the fruit department, there will be plenty of fresh citruses such as oranges, mandarins and lemons. Melons are in season as are pineapple, kiwi fruit and rhubarb.

We should aim to have 30 different foods in our diets each day. This spring complete a stocktake of the number you are getting and try to increase your variety by 2-3 a day until you hit the target!

Going green in spring is easy as there are so many great seasonal greens available. The key to remember though is that we need to eat a rainbow every day so don’t forget to include fruits and veggies of every colour on your plate.


Meal Plan

**Meal plan is prepared to meet the average number of serves from each of the five food groups for women aged 19-50 years.

Day 1
Meal Healthy Option
Breakfast ½ cup bircher muesli topped with berries and roasted flaked almonds
Morning Snack Hummus with veggie sticks and 3 grainy crackers
Lunch Buddha Bowl.

Combine 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 cup spinach, 1 spring onion, ¼ cup lentils, 65g grilled chicken, ¼ avocado and ½ cup brown rice in a bowl. Top with tahini dressing.

Afternoon Snack Large handful dried fruit and nut mix
Dinner Oven baked salmon with Asian greens and rice

¾ cup greek yoghurt topped with cinnamon


Day 2
Meal Healthy Option
Breakfast Smashed avocado with feta, wilted spinach, 2 eggs and 2 slices of grainy toast
Morning Snack Cocao, date and roasted almond bliss ball
Lunch 2 large vegetarian rice paper rolls

A small tub of yoghurt

Afternoon Snack Green smoothie with banana and oats
Dinner 2 cajun chicken skewers with freekeh spring veggie salad


Day 3
Meal Healthy Option
Breakfast Homemade acai bowl (include oats)
Morning Snack 1 green apple sliced topped with 2tbsp peanut butter
Lunch Tuna, hummus and salad wrap
Afternoon Snack ¾ cup Greek yoghurt topped with granola
Dinner 2 beef and bean Mexican tacos

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