Baby food aisle got you confused? Your go-to guide for choosing well.

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We all want the best for our kids. I am sure, like me, you would love to have the time to make every single meal for your kids from scratch, but as busy mums on the-go-this is sometimes just not possible!

For this reason mums often to turn to convenient pre-prepared food pouches. When we feed our babies a nutritious, fresh and texturally suitable diet the majority of the time, the occasional pre-prepared food pouch won’t hurt. In fact, in most instances these can actually be quite nutritious and free from all the nasties!

If your baby is anything like Maddie, you too will only have a short window of opportunity to get the shopping done before you end up carrying your baby on your hip, juggling the trolley and any toys you have bought in as a distraction…Not great when trying to decipher food labels and ingredients lists! In the end, it is often easier to find something right in front of you that looks OK and run with it. So I want to share with you my three favourite savoury pre-prepared food pouches for babies aged 4+ months, 6+ months and 10+ months, so that next time you are in a rush you can pick with confidence.

Age 4+ months


Raffety’s Garden just veggies – parsnip, carrot & butternut squash

Bellamy’s organic pumpkin and tomato risotto

Rafferty’s Garden Just Veggies – Sweet Potato, Corn, Spinach and Carrot


Age 6+ months

110g-Ready-to-Serve-Chicken-Sweet-Potato-Cous-Cous-6mths-Front_552_600x600only organic wrslbaby macro

Bellamy’s organic chicken sweet potato and couscous

Only Organic wild rice risotto and spring lamb

Baby Macro organic pumpkin, spinach, ricotta & pasta


 Age 10+ months


Rafferty’s Garden chicken basil and tomato pasta

Rafferty’s Garden rissoni pasta & garden veggies

Rafferty’s Garden sweet potato & lamb casserole

If you’re wondering why these options have become my faves, there are two main things I always consider when choosing a pre-prepared pouch.

  • The ingredient list

Ingredients are listed in order of weight, meaning the food product contains most of the ingredient listed first and least of the ingredient listed last. I looked for products with high vegetable content, low water content, without fruit (I think babies should enjoy veggies as they are naturally without sweetening them with fruits) and reasonable meat content when applicable.

  • Nutrition information panel

I always review the fat, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium content considered when looking for a product.

One more little tip before I sign off…try to feed from a spoon rather than straight from the pouch. This helps continue the development of feeding skills.

What are your go-to pre-prepared pouches? I’d love to know in the comments below.





One Comment on “Baby food aisle got you confused? Your go-to guide for choosing well.”

  1. Rafferty’s Garden now have the 8+ month range. I have found these great as they have more texture than the 6+ month. Like you I stick to the vegetables and meat options, I was pleased to see I’m doing the right thing there. Thank you.
    My son loves the chicken sweet corn and barley.

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